Why a good website design is important

There are number of benefits of having a good website design.A good website design is not only an eye-catching font or high defined colors, in fact the web design represents your idea, attract the audience and make them follow the business theme. That’s why a good design equate to more business.

Good design is not just how a website looks; it’s how it works.

Now lets get to the point. What make a good website design

1. Involve the User

Consider your website as a big shopping mall, an outlet or a showroom. Whenever a visitor enters into it he/she must buy something or ask for something from you.
What if he steps into the shop and gets out immediately? it means he is not interested and your shop does not suit him.

Make your website human-centered and attractive enough to catch the best impressions, allow visitor to navigate and understand your business theme quickly. The design layout
must be consistent to involve the visitor. Use different elements to keep visitors interested.

Add human emotions and feelings into your webpage . You can use specific fonts, pictures and content to people feel about our products, services, or a brand.
You will see big brands always playing with our emotions in all advertisement and banners. Just look at the big companies advertisements to have some idea.

2- Simple and Easy Navigation

It should not be a mixture of colours and pictures only. The design must be equipped to drive and park the visitor to the right place. Your main product details
must be very clear and easy. it should not be a complex over filled design to confuse the visitor. A bad design make visitors feel lost and confusing and if they
don’t know where to go they’ll simply close your web page to see the next available website.

3- Call to Action

The goal is to convert the user into a customer.
Once visitor landed to your page, read some information, got some idea what your website and product is about, its time for action.
Your web page must have call of action or multiple call of action buttons/icons at right place.

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