Success Ingredients For New Online Businesses In Dubai

Dubai, the land of opportunities, has become a heaven for small to large scaled businesses. For information technology businesses, it has become a safe home, ensuring success. Living in Dubai and handling businesses across the globe, isn’t it amazing and the reason behind growing business population of the land? For web-based businesses, there are many things to consider for better website administration and to experience success. Here are given some key website elements to give due consideration to.

Navigation To Support Visitors

A logical navigation helps visitors in easy browsing of different website segments. The more supportive website navigation is the better would be the visitors’ engagement. All the website visitors are actually the prospects, so should be treated accordingly. Right direction at the right time enhances the chances of conversion. There should be a logical roadmap for the site visitors so that they could reach the desired website segment without pain. Experts from reputed firms like website design Dubai consider this aspect in their entire web designing ventures.

Communicate Clearly What You Are Dealing In

In Dubai, you can’t impress the visitors with just a plain page of about us and vision or mission statement. Users want to know what you are dealing in and what your products or services’ strengths are. Make good use of images to communicate your business information with the site visitors. The first 2 minutes of a visitor’s stay are enough to impress. Invest for those 2 minutes and share your business offers clearly and impressively.

Make Use Of Social Media

Socialize your online business at popular social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more platforms are the popular engaging places for users. Interact with your prospects and customers at those places. Every Dubai-based business should have a strong influence at different social channels, so as to win over the customers and build a brand business image. Social influence also helps in driving more website traffic and making the business credible.

Secure Transactions

Online shopping websites to be integrated with secure payment gateways are becoming popular in Dubai. SSL security is the need of every online business to win over the customers’ trust. Online buyers need security for their sensitive information while making any purchase that should be considered by the website owners.

Be Responsive

The popularity of smart phones has made it compulsory for websites to become responsive. Ignoring the Smartphone users mean depriving your website from large numbers of prospective buyers. A mobile friendly website can help attracting customers and earning a big market share. A responsive website is also needed to impress the search engines, as it’s an important search engine ranking criterion. Consider all aspects from website building to SEO while making it responsive for smart devices. Many website owners also have a separate mobile version of their websites to target the mobile audience.

Want to succeed in Dubai with your newly started online business? Pay attention to the above-mentioned points and experience success in the land of success. Share your business experience in Dubai!

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Reshaping The Web Presence For 2015

2015 is approaching near and it has been said that the New Year will see new heights in the web world. More browsing, more online shopping, and more business, all would be common over World Wide Web. To win over prospects and convert them into loyal customers, a business owner needs to have a sharp eye on future trends related to demands, expectations, marketing, and customer relations. Focusing every aspect can guarantee success in the long run. From marketing perspective, how would the businesses need to behave in 2015? This piece of writing will shed light with new insights.


Reshape Your Online Presence


Without acquiring professional web designing services, no one could imagine of appealing the customers. Redesign your website if it has a poor appearance. Look towards competitors. How they are attracting the customers, their success ingredients in terms of website design, and their strengths. Give challenge to your designers and developers to make your web presence stunning. Make it sure that your website is capable of accepting any tweaking in future. Consider your customers in each step of designing, so that the ultimate result could be as per their expectations.


Let The Audience Find You On Social Channels


In 2015, people would prefer to be more social on different platforms, so make your web presence prominent over all the social media channels. Get engaged with your customers on social media and answer their queries. It will also help creating brand awareness. Make it sure that you are connected with the customers in an influential manner, which is integral to effective and result-driven business marketing.


Use LinkedIn Profiles As Business Cards


Business cards are becoming an old approach; strong LinkedIn profiles would be more relevant in 2015. An updated LinkedIn profile is more useful than an outdated business card. A better LinkedIn profile has more search volume and a stimulant for effective business marketing. People and businesses are browsing LinkedIn profiles to hire and to work with. Ensure that all of your employees have a strong LinkedIn presence, connected with the company profile, which will help your business shine.


Hire Experts For Sure Success


Doing the marketing yourself might be good and cost saving, but to ensure success, expert support is needed. There are professional marketing companies offering result-driven services at affordable rates. Hire the reliable ones who could guarantee success. Professional marketers will let you know where you are week and will take your business on the right path, instead of the path based on assumptions.


To stand high among tough competitors, you need to bring changes in web design, social media campaigns, search engine strategies, and everything related to business marketing. There is an army of professional marketers, serving the web world to move ahead successfully. Pick the best ones for your business. Get recommendations and make a conscious decision. 2015 is for those who deserve success and who struggle for that. Start working to give your web presence a new shape, to attract more customers, more business, and more revenue in 2015.

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Google’s Penguin 3.0: Not A Horrible Update, But A Jolt!

Google’s updates always horrify webmasters, even though who are following Google-friendly approaches for high ranking. But there is nothing to get worried because Google wants the websites to be user-friendly and natural in all the approaches used for promotion. If it’s said that the big search engine is going to be end-user friendly, then it might not be wrong.

Penguin 3.0, the latest update by Google has made the nights sleepless for many webmasters. Before it was announced, there were echoes of being the most horrible update ever. However, the situation was different once it was rolled out. In fact, it was a slow rollout and the impacts would be seen over the weeks.

What’s The Main Purpose Of Update?

The main purpose of Penguin 3.0 update was to hit the spammy websites, so that the search results could be fair for the end-users. The latest Penguin update 3.0, rolled out on October 17, 2014, was actually a refresh. The affected queries of this rollout were just 1%. It was meant to help removing the spammy websites while checking the previously hit websites on the same reasons. The rollout will settle down in the coming weeks, according to a post published on Google+ by Pierre Far, a Google’s Trends Analyst.

As the rollout is not full yet, so it’s not possible to collect the complete impact data. Although, no new signals are added to the recent update, still it has affected a large numbers of spammy websites. At the same time, it proved to be a sigh of relief for the previously hit websites that have worked hard to clean up the spammy link profiles.

Who Can Survive?

Penguin 3.0 might be horrible for many webmasters, but not for those following all white hat search engine optimization practices. Being ethical in SEO means pleasing Google and no Google’s update can hit such websites.

However, if your website is hit by Penguin 3.0 then acquiring the services of a reliable SEO services firm or the experts can help dealing with the issue successfully. Don’t dream about climbing high in less time as some spam-masters guarantee, because in the long run, you can’t hide from the Google’s spy-eyes. Follow legitimate practices and be natural to attract not just Google, but the end-users as well. Make it clear that Google is paying attention to the end-users.

No need to worry about any horrible updates from Google if you are following good SEO practices like DWB SEO Dubai Company. Stay updated with the big search engine and integrate any new updates into your web marketing strategies. That’s the only way to survive in the tough competition and against the spammers.

Happy Surviving Penguin 3.0!


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4 Points To Make A Web Design Business-Friendly

In 2005, it was the first billion of internet users, in 2010, it reached the 2nd billion, and in 2014, it climbed up to 3 billion. With the rising number of internet users, the expectations from websites are also increasing. Users want friendliness (the smart or responsive approach) and business owners dream of big success. A single mistake can prove to be destructive for a business. For example, an ecommerce website lacking the visibly placed contact number has to face a sharp decline in prospects. The site may be responsively designed, but ignoring a single aspect of user-convenience means total destruction.

From designing aspect, there are many things to appeal the end users, benefitting the business in the long run. This piece of writing will reveal some important things that web designers and business owners should take care of.

  1. Impressing Visitors With Visuals And Looks

The social media sites are growing in popularity like no one from the web world can deny the significance of Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine. Google hangouts and addition of videos/images in Twitter also reveal the importance of visuals.

It takes first few seconds for the visitors to decide whether they should stay at the site or leave for some other option. The right mix of colors, graciously used white space, readable font styles and sizes, compelling images, all add beauty to a website. For a website designer and the business owner, these are the starting things to keep the site visitors spellbound. Never ignore them.

  1. Build Your Brand, Not Just A Website

The next important step is to focus brand building through website designing. Every designing element should reflect the business brand to keep a lasting impression on the site visitors. The wise use of logo, colors matching with the logo, and the feel of a business image are few things to consider while branding a web design.

  1. Meet With Key Business Objectives

A web design should comply with the main business objectives. For a blogging website, the content should be readable. For an ecommerce store, the products should be presented in a compelling manner. For a local business, the store map and the contact details should be placed prominently. A web designer should completely understand the business objective and reflect that through different aspects of designing.

  1. Integrate SEO Into Web Designing

Without having good ranks at search engines like Google and Bing, it’s not possible to earn the right return on investment. For that purpose, search engine optimization should be made part of web designing. The designing elements and visuals should be used in such a manner to keep the website lightweight and lower the load time. The on-page SEO should be done by professionals.

The responsibility of a web designer is not just to create a website, but to build the brand image of a business. Considering the above mentioned points means placing the right stone at right place. An appealing website attracts visitors, helps conversions, and boosts the ultimate profit.

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53 Upcoming Web Design Conferences (October 2014 To December 2014)

To gain knowledge of the web world, attending conferences is one good approach. Listening to the illustrious speakers of top conference events held across the globe open the eyes regarding future developments in the designing world as well as the neighboring areas. 2014 is all about such conferences, many have passed, and few important ones are coming. Other than designing, these also revolve around new ideas, approaches, techniques, development of the applications surrounding the future technology, about to smash the IT world. Get prepared if you are interested to attend any of these conferences, as listed below. For sure, an interesting read!


October Conferences


1-        Title: PyCon Ukraine Fall 2014

Date: Oct. 1-31, 2014

Location: L’viv, Ukraine

Purpose: To give Python programmers an insight into the programming applications, frameworks, and other toolkits.


2-       Title: Redefine Design Conference 2014

Date: Oct. 2-3, 2014

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Purpose: To focus the changing design realities of the time


3-        Title: Sass Conference 2014

Date: Oct. 2-4, 2014

Location: New York City, USA

Purpose: To help Sass lovers in creating beautiful web


4-          Title: Digital Visions 2014

Date: Oct. 3, 2014

Location: Vienna, Austria

Purpose:  To discuss the latest trends of usability, designing for different screens, and HTML


5-          Title: Build Right, Build Responsively

Date: Oct. 3, 2014

Location: Charleston

Purpose:  All about the responsiveness of the websites


6-          Title: Delight 2014

Date: Oct. 6-7, 2014

Location: Portland, USA

Purpose: To highlight great ideas and discussions about technology and designing


7-          Title: Front Porch

Date: Oct. 7, 2014

Location: Dallas, USA

Purpose: To highlight tools and technologies to be used by the front-end developers and designers


8-          Title: Pearl::Dancer Conference

Date: Oct. 7-9, 2014

Location: Hancock, 2014

Purpose: To discuss Ecommerce topics as well as the open source software


9-          Title: Level Up Conference

Date: Oct. 8-9, 2014

Location: Saratoga Springs, USA

Purpose: Ideating, designing, building, and launching latest software products


10-       Title: T3CON14: TYPO3 Conference Europe

Date: Oct. 8-10, 2014

Location: Berlin, Germany

Purpose: To help learning new developments in Enterprise TYPO3 CMS


11-       Title: Thunder Plains

Date: Oct. 9, 2014

Location: Oklahoma City, USA

Purpose: To make the web interesting with JavaScript and related technologies


12-       Title: Fronteers 2014

Date: Oct. 9-10, 2014

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Purpose: Learning all about front-end web development


13-       Title: code.talks 2014

Date: Oct. 9-10, 2014

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Purpose: Exploring themes and trends of web development


14-      Title: Coding Serbia Conference

Date: Oct. 9-10, 2014

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

Purpose: Sharing knowledge to improve software quality


15-      Title: push.conference 2014

Date: Oct. 10-11, 2014

Location: Munich, Germany

Purpose: Uniting the old and potential skillsets of UX/UI


16-     Title: AppCon

Date: Oct. 11, 2014

Location: Linz, Austria

Purpose: Mobile application development


17-     Title: BetterSoftware 2014

Date: Oct. 13-14, 2014

Location: Florence, Italy

Purpose: Modernization in management for lasting customer relationship


18-    Title: CSS Dev Conf 2014

Date: Oct. 13-15, 2014

Location: New Orleans, USA

Purpose: CSS, the web designing language


19-     Title: JAX London 2014 featuring BIG Data Con

Date: Oct. 13-15, 2014

Location: London Borough of Islington, England

Purpose: Data storage, data architectures, data processing


20-    Title: Responsive Day

Date: Oct. 14-15, 2014

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Purpose: Responsive web designing


21-    Title: Webdagene 2014

Date: Oct. 15-17, 2014

Location: Oslo, Norway

Purpose: To discuss about web and user experience


22-    Title: Paris Web 2014

Date: Oct. 16-18, 2014

Location: Paris, France

Purpose: To discuss about web accessibility, designing digitally, and open standards


23-    Title: All Your Base

Date: Oct. 17, 2014

Location: Oxford, England

Purpose: To talk about DevOps and system architecture


24-    Title: border:none 2014

Date: Oct. 17-18, 2014

Location: Nuremberg, Germany

Purpose: Decentralizing the World Wide Web


25-    Title: UX Advanced Training

Date: Oct. 20-21, 2014

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Purpose: A course for UX professionals


26-    Title: The Market Research Event 2014

Date: Oct. 20-22, 2014

Location: Boca Raton, USA

Purpose: Online market research


27-    Title: ng-europe

Date: Oct. 22-23, 2014

Location: Paris, France

Purpose: To talk, discuss, learn, socialize about AngularJS


28-    Title: Cusp Conference 2014

Date: Oct. 22-23, 2014

Location: Chicago, USA

Purpose: Designing broadness, designing about everything


29-     Title: FullStack

Date: Oct. 23-24, 2014

Location: London, England

Purpose: To help excelling in Node.js


30-    Title: Midwest UX 2014

Date: Oct. 23-25, 2014

Location: Indianapolis, USA

Purpose: Talks and workshops to support design community of Midwest


31-    Title: UCD2014 User-Centred Design conference

Date: Oct 24-25, 2014

Location: Greater London, England

Purpose: Application of user centered design


32-    Title: Ohio LinuxFest 2014

Date: Oct. 24-26, 2014

Location: Columbus, USA

Purpose: To share knowledge about Linux and open source


33-     Title: WebTech Conference 2014

Date: Oct. 26-29, 2014

Location: Munich, Germany

Purpose: To discuss everything about web technologies


34-    Title: GGDevCon

Date: Oct. 27-28, 2014

Location: Burlingame, USA

Purpose: Mastering the upcoming Google Glass


35-    Title: An Event Apart Orlando 2014

Date: Oct. 27-29, 2014

Location: Orlando, USA

Purpose: How to take everything about web development to the next level!


36-     Title: ZendCon 2014

Date: Oct. 27-30, 2014

Location: Santa Clara, USA

Purpose: Technical sessions and presentations from PHP speakers and business owners


37-     Title: Droidcon London 2014

Date: Oct. 30-31, 2014

Location: London, England

Purpose: To talk about Android progresses


38-     Title: The Web Is

Date: Oct. 30-31, 2014

Location: Oct. 30-31, 2014

Purpose: Discussing all about web designing and technologies


39-    Title: Marketing Festival 2014

Date: Oct. 31 — Nov. 2, 2014

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Purpose: To discuss digital marketing with professional marketers, PPC experts, and analysts


November Conferences


40-    Title: Beyond Tellerrand/Berlin 2014

Date: Nov. 3-5, 2014

Location: Berlin, Germany

Purpose: To discuss designing, technologies, and gain inspiration


41-    Title: Breaking Developments 2014/Orlando

Date: Nov. 3-5, 2014

Location: Orlando, USA

Purpose: To explore new technologies and techniques for web designing and development


42-    Title: Future of Web Designing 2014

Date: Nov. 3-5, 2014

Location: New York, USA

Purpose: No information, but an expected grand event of New York


43-    Title: QCon Sab Francisco 2014

Date: Nov. 3-7, 2014

Location: San Francisco, USA

Purpose: To help leads, project managers, and technical teams in software innovation


44-    Title: GOTO Berlin 2014

Date: Nov. 5-7, 2014

Location: Berlin, Germany

Purpose: To unwind the latest developments for software developers


45-    Title: Full Frontal

Date: Nov. 7, 2014

Location: Brighton, UK

Purpose: To discuss Node based apps and latest front-end technology


46-    Title: PHP Conference Argentina 2014

Date: Nov. 7-8, 2014

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Purpose: 18 speakers are going to discuss everything about PHP


47-    Title: Form Function & Class 2014—Web Design Conference in Asia

Date: Nov. 8, 2014

Location: Manila, Philippines

Purpose: To help designers in knowing old techniques, worst coding, and poor designs


48-    Title: php [world]

Date: Nov. 10-14, 2014

Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Purpose: To share ideas and ideals of PHP from across the globe


49-    Title: dotCSS 2014

Date: Nov. 14, 2014

Location: Paris, France

Purpose: CSS experts discussing design issues and technical matters


50-    Title: UX Brighton 2014: Practical Philosophy

Date: Nov. 14, 2014

Location: Brighton, England

Purpose: Influence of theory and research on web creation


51-    Title: UX Camp Brighton 2014

Date: Nov. 15, 2014

Location: Brighton, England

Purpose: To talk about UX design, information architecture, and interactive designing


52-    Title: An Event Apart San Francisco 2014

Date: Nov. 17-19, 2014

Location: San Francisco, USA

Purpose: To help learning about coding, content, usability, and design


December Conference

53-    Title: Smashing Conference Whistler 2014

Date: Dec. 9-12, 2014

Location: Whistler BC, Canada

Purpose: Conference for Front-end developers with resort experience


Are you planning to attend any of the conferences listed above? If yes, do share your views before and after the visit. Web design Dubai will come up with information about more exciting events for you.

Happy Conferencing!








Why you need an online store -Infographics

Having an online store is about reaching more customers and making sales round the clock. In this busy life buyers prefer online stores to save the efforts and time visiting and searching for the products online.

All they do is to search the products they like online at the best convenient time and go to the store to purchase or order shipped to their home address.

By having online stores you are having sales round the clock. Bringing your business online is a very easy process and it is more effective with more business. Not only had you got an edge over your competitor, but a great reputation building system followed by the more customer base.

A picture worth thousand words, we have clipped the same scene in below info graphic.


With online Store you can:

Beat the Competition

Build your Brand and Trust round the world

Have more sales with online audiences

Make sales round the clock


If you are looking for an online store design and development, feel free to contact us



customer shopping online


If you are looking for an online store design and development, feel free to contact us

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Top 10 Reasons Your Blog is not Getting Traffic with guaranteed Fixes.

If you eliminate these 10 epic reasons, you can easily multiply your website traffic. Guaranteed!

Here are top 10 Reasons Your Blog is not getting traffic with Fixes.

1-     You Choose the Topics No One Cares About

Not every content producer can write for the web. It is a great challenge to write useful and interesting content that can increase your readership and ultimately make more sales.

You must understand your audience, their needs, likes and dislikes. If you are covering a topic that no one else cares about, believe me! It is useless. You are just wasting your time and energy and filling up the web with useless information.


FIX: Write about the trending topics, here is how?


Google trends:

It is one of that best free tools to find out the hot and trending topics on the internet. Pick up the hot topics and start producing the epic content.




Buzzfeed is not only an entertainment website but it gives you an idea about hot topics.



Twitter not only helps you to find the worldwide trends but it is also a very helpful platform to search local trends.

Go to twitter -> Discover -> Trends



2-    Your Website Design Turns Off the Excitement


Does your website pass that 15 seconds test; you have only few seconds to impress your readers. If your website is poorly designed, no matter how useful content you have, user will abandon your website and move to the next available choice.


FIX: Have an eye-catching, Simple, User-friendly web design


Do not save bucks on website design. It is not an extra part of the business but a mandatory part to succeed online. Select an appealing, user-friendly and SEO-compatible web design to get your visitors to stay on the website longer and explore it further.



3-    You Do Nothing to Promote the Content


You’ve written the dream content for your blog, congrats!

It is a wrong strategy to sit back and wait for the search engine to discover your posts and open the traffic floodgates for you.


FIX: Promote your Content


The real game just has begun. Now hit the internet doors hard to share your content at related websites and social media like:

Twitter, Facebook, Google plus communities, LinkedIn groups, and other related social communities.

 4-    You have no social presence

Do you know you can sell more in your friends and people who know you better? Yes! That is because of trusted relation. When the user trusts you he is not reluctant to try any of your products. Having no or poor social existence could be a reason not to get traffic within your social community.


FIX: Make More Friends, Contribute Value Often

Make as much friends as you can, contribute useful and interesting material on your profile. This will not only attract more audience but help you to build a positive social and business relationship with masses.

Offer free gifts to your social followers and ask for reviews about your product or service. Once you have built a strong social existence you will start noticing growth in your business.


5-    You Do Not Use Images

You bore the readers with very long posts without adding headings or related images.

Images and titles add life your content. Your interesting long post is useless with no pictorial representation.

FIX: Use Impressive related Images

  Add impressive, high pixel and related images to your content to project your website.


6-    You Do not Have a Traffic Strategy

You have no paper plan, you have no traffic strategy, you are directionless, and you follow whatever comes to you.  You are overwhelmed with information and do not apply what you have in your pocket. You sit hours on internet to stock piles of information on your disk with no practice at all.


FIX: Traffic Strategy with Defined Milestones


There are tons of methods to generate traffic. All you need is to write down your favorite traffic strategy and start practicing it. Define milestones and make a check of yourself to increase productivity. Send yourself weekly activity report to see what actually worked for you.  Increase your efforts or change the strategy as per results.

 7-  You miss the keyword in title

You do not insert your keyword in title. Keyword in title is not only important for SEO but it is a great approach to represent the theme of your content.

FIX: Have your primary keyword in title

Have your main keyword in content title. Break down the content into small meaningful headings.

 8-    You go for a high competition keyword

You try to beat the big giants without hard work and wait for a miracle to happen. You write for the high competition keywords without applying tremendous efforts to beat the giant competitors.


FIX: Go for low-competition keywords


It is always easy to rank and get traffic on low-competition keywords. Your aim should be to get profitable easy traffic. Do not go for broad keywords or high-competition content. Try to find long-tail and low-competition search terms for easy ranking.

9-  You are not building list or collecting emails

You have no subscription form or collecting the emails to build your audience. Even you have small number of readers; you must have a subscription form to grab the email addresses.

FIX: Make your list as big as you can

Collect emails and grow your list as much as you can. Shoot emails to your list to share interesting and fresh content.

10-  You hired the wrong guys or doing it yourself

You or your teams have no expertise to generate traffic. Do not wait for a miracle, online income needs traffic strategy, expertise and consistent efforts to bring some useful results.

FIX: Hire the right guys

Do not go for cheapest option available, search for affordable and reliable SEO Company to grow your traffic. Hire the right person who can bring the real results to you.

If you are looking for the right team, we would love to recommend you DWB the best design and SEO company based in Dubai.


5 Common Reasons Your Responsive Web Design Fails

It is quite easy to have a responsive website or think of having the one, but the fact is that the maintenance of such a website sometimes can make you feel trouble. If you don’t input maximum time in its establishment and update, you won’t get rewarded from your business website. Here are the 5 reasons your responsive web design fails.

Improper content placement:

If you keep on placing too many articles under the same URL, you will fail. The mobile websites are good to go for that, but when it comes to a responsive web design, avoid placing all the content under the same URL. This can lead you suffer from bad impact in the eyes of Google. The search giant will push your responsive website behind the race, so better to be careful.

Zero bouncing rate from mobile users:

Make sure the responsive website you are going to get designed is browser friendly. It shouldn’t bounce the browsers of the mobile users. This can lead you suffer from reduced or even zero traffic. Once it so happened, your rank will automatically be dropped down.

No room for duplicate content:

Yes it is absolutely right that there is no room for duplicate content. This will kill your site in a few weeks. Google and other search engines won’t rank you better. Make sure the content and articles uploaded are copyscape pass and free of any duplication.

Lack of innovation

The lack of innovative ideas and designs is something your responsive web designer shouldn’t have. This is due to the reason that the responsive websites are expected to be created in original and highly innovative way. If your designer has no demos to offer you, he is not the perfectionist of his job. Try to hire an individual who know what it takes to make a responsive website top class.

Unparalleled images:

Make sure the images and pictures you upload are not unparalleled. They shouldn’t seem to be odd and boring. Their proper placement is the must for the survival of your responsive website. Choose 3D or HD images for your website to give it an awesome and professional look.


 If you are looking for an affordable web design or redesign, Try DWB for the best professional image and web design services in dubai.