Success Ingredients For New Online Businesses In Dubai

Dubai, the land of opportunities, has become a heaven for small to large scaled businesses. For information technology businesses, it has become a safe home, ensuring success. Living in Dubai and handling businesses across the globe, isn’t it amazing and the reason behind growing business population of the land? For web-based businesses, there are many things to consider for better website administration and to experience success. Here are given some key website elements to give due consideration to.

Navigation To Support Visitors

A logical navigation helps visitors in easy browsing of different website segments. The more supportive website navigation is the better would be the visitors’ engagement. All the website visitors are actually the prospects, so should be treated accordingly. Right direction at the right time enhances the chances of conversion. There should be a logical roadmap for the site visitors so that they could reach the desired website segment without pain. Experts from reputed firms like website design Dubai consider this aspect in their entire web designing ventures.

Communicate Clearly What You Are Dealing In

In Dubai, you can’t impress the visitors with just a plain page of about us and vision or mission statement. Users want to know what you are dealing in and what your products or services’ strengths are. Make good use of images to communicate your business information with the site visitors. The first 2 minutes of a visitor’s stay are enough to impress. Invest for those 2 minutes and share your business offers clearly and impressively.

Make Use Of Social Media

Socialize your online business at popular social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more platforms are the popular engaging places for users. Interact with your prospects and customers at those places. Every Dubai-based business should have a strong influence at different social channels, so as to win over the customers and build a brand business image. Social influence also helps in driving more website traffic and making the business credible.

Secure Transactions

Online shopping websites to be integrated with secure payment gateways are becoming popular in Dubai. SSL security is the need of every online business to win over the customers’ trust. Online buyers need security for their sensitive information while making any purchase that should be considered by the website owners.

Be Responsive

The popularity of smart phones has made it compulsory for websites to become responsive. Ignoring the Smartphone users mean depriving your website from large numbers of prospective buyers. A mobile friendly website can help attracting customers and earning a big market share. A responsive website is also needed to impress the search engines, as it’s an important search engine ranking criterion. Consider all aspects from website building to SEO while making it responsive for smart devices. Many website owners also have a separate mobile version of their websites to target the mobile audience.

Want to succeed in Dubai with your newly started online business? Pay attention to the above-mentioned points and experience success in the land of success. Share your business experience in Dubai!

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Google’s Penguin 3.0: Not A Horrible Update, But A Jolt!

Google’s updates always horrify webmasters, even though who are following Google-friendly approaches for high ranking. But there is nothing to get worried because Google wants the websites to be user-friendly and natural in all the approaches used for promotion. If it’s said that the big search engine is going to be end-user friendly, then it might not be wrong.

Penguin 3.0, the latest update by Google has made the nights sleepless for many webmasters. Before it was announced, there were echoes of being the most horrible update ever. However, the situation was different once it was rolled out. In fact, it was a slow rollout and the impacts would be seen over the weeks.

What’s The Main Purpose Of Update?

The main purpose of Penguin 3.0 update was to hit the spammy websites, so that the search results could be fair for the end-users. The latest Penguin update 3.0, rolled out on October 17, 2014, was actually a refresh. The affected queries of this rollout were just 1%. It was meant to help removing the spammy websites while checking the previously hit websites on the same reasons. The rollout will settle down in the coming weeks, according to a post published on Google+ by Pierre Far, a Google’s Trends Analyst.

As the rollout is not full yet, so it’s not possible to collect the complete impact data. Although, no new signals are added to the recent update, still it has affected a large numbers of spammy websites. At the same time, it proved to be a sigh of relief for the previously hit websites that have worked hard to clean up the spammy link profiles.

Who Can Survive?

Penguin 3.0 might be horrible for many webmasters, but not for those following all white hat search engine optimization practices. Being ethical in SEO means pleasing Google and no Google’s update can hit such websites.

However, if your website is hit by Penguin 3.0 then acquiring the services of a reliable SEO services firm or the experts can help dealing with the issue successfully. Don’t dream about climbing high in less time as some spam-masters guarantee, because in the long run, you can’t hide from the Google’s spy-eyes. Follow legitimate practices and be natural to attract not just Google, but the end-users as well. Make it clear that Google is paying attention to the end-users.

No need to worry about any horrible updates from Google if you are following good SEO practices like DWB SEO Dubai Company. Stay updated with the big search engine and integrate any new updates into your web marketing strategies. That’s the only way to survive in the tough competition and against the spammers.

Happy Surviving Penguin 3.0!



Building Career In Web Designing And Development: 10 Tips And Tools For Starters!

Starting your web designing or web development venture? Once you know how to do, you can earn big from creating stunning websites, and apps (creativity should be your asset). There is a long list of tutorials available over World Wide Web to help budding web designers and developers, but hold on, you need a comfortable start. Here are given 10 useful starters’ tips and tools; read and fasten your seatbelts in the designing and development journey.

  1. Get Basic Courses

Without having basic education in web designing and programming, it might not be easy for you to continue your journey. Hey, don’t get scared, you can get your basic education online. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the basic things you should have knowledge of. Photoshop is needed for web designing. Learn about color theory. After you get to know the basics, start working over your first project. Better to assist someone initially.

  1. Get Your Own Font Collection

Fonts play a great role in web designing while making it appealing or distracting. There are many font resources available online like daFont, FontPark, and YourFonts. Make your own collection to use in the web designs. It will make your design stand out.

  1. Use Dummy Text And Dummy Pictures

In the start of web designing, you might not need the actual content, using dummy text like Lorum ipsum is good to go with. There are many other placeholder text generators available over internet, make good use of them. For images, you can use dummy image generators. All you need is to provide the size, and placeholder is delivered. Both text and picture generators help web designing and development process.

  1. Make Use Of Available Stuff

Don’t create from scratch or try to discover things that are already discovered. You can make use of already available designs and code and work on them to suit your needs. However, don’t go blindly after stealing, stay unique (which depends on your creativity). Find code snippets, Snipt can be a good choice. Pinterest can be used for great designs. Gain inspiration from the already available work and create your own design.


  1. Expand Photoshop Actions

Photoshop is the first tool for web designers to have knowledge of. However, its actions aren’t limited; you can expand them with new brushes and shapes, automating small tasks. Other than expanding your collection, you can create new styles, objects, and vector images with brushes and shapes.

  1. Use CSS Generator For Complex CSS Code

There are many tools available to help generating complex CSS code. Effects like rounded corners, animations, and drop shadows need effort, so a handy code generator can help you out. However, know what the generator is giving out in accordance with the code you are writing. Save for your own convenience.

  1. Use Free Resources

While designing, you can’t create everything from scratch, take your own photos, instead make use of free resources. Why to spend more hours on designing when it could be done earlier with the help of free Photoshop resources? DeviantART, Design Kindle, and PSD Collector are useful resources for web designers in terms of icons, images, and backgrounds. You can use them with little attribution or as available, but use them appropriately.

  1. Use Text Editor To Support Programming

A supportive text editor is needed by the programmers. There are favorites available to be used in website code and it could be done in few keystrokes. Text expansion apps are also available to store code snippets.

  1. Check For Cross Browser And Multi-Screen Compatibility

It’s not just a single person to view the website you design, but people with different browsers and screens will be the visitors. Don’t forget to test the website for different browsers and screens before making that live. Many tools online are available for that kind of testing. It’s an affordable approach instead of using different browsers and screens in real.

    10.  Use Frameworks For Faster Job

Ruby on Rails, Zend, Blueprint, CakePHP, Django are few of the useful frameworks, as used by developers of website design Dubai. Using a framework will save your time while following the best practices.


It’s just a slim list of tips and tools to help growing designers or developers. If you know any others, share in the comments below!


Top 3 Mistakes Your Website not Converting Visitors into Buyers?

Conversion extremely matters to a business website. A business website offers products and services to the outside world. They are a mean to sell the products and services. If your website has no sale then there is something missing to strengthen your business.

Here are top three web design mistakes killing your traffic and conversion rate.

Navigation and Layout of the Website

When a visitor lands to a website he looks for the below information:

  1. The layout and navigation of a website
  2. What are the services and products?
  3. How to acquire it?

The navigation and layout of a website is extremely important for conversion. A website with flashy images and content does not guarantee the sales. When a visitor lands to your website he must understand the flow your website, know about your company, able to buy your services.

A poor navigation scheme creates confusion with inconsistent layout and no call-to-action. User gets lost and quickly abandons the site. If you want sales your website must be very simple and user-friendly like DWB web design Dubai.  Organize the information in simple and easy layout so that user has no issue to explore and buy the services.

Ugly Web Design

Beauty inspires! An ugly web design turns the visitor off.  An eye-catching design will boost your reputation and trust. If a web design is ugly, difficult to understand with poor navigation your visitor will go elsewhere. Though there are cases some basic designs doing well for number of years. But that is for popular and establishes websites; you have to take all steps and measure to gain the success.

Call to Action

There are sites with good design and traffic complaining no sales and conversion. If you lack call-to-action on your website, your visitor will not convert. An average visitor does not know how to act or purchase the items. They just like your product instead of purchasing it.


Content Always Ruled the SEO

Content marketing

A lot of newbie have a question about SEO and article marketing.

This article will help you to answer these questions and give you a direction to make money as a freelance content writer.


Now come to the first part, what is SEO?


SEO is a short abbreviation for “search engine optimization”. SEO covers all the tasks you do on your website to represent it to the search engine in order to get the organic and search traffic.


What are these SEO tasks?


There are many but we will discuss the necessary things require to write SEO friendly content.  As a freelance content writer you must understand the importance of a keyword. Keywords are the words searched by internet users in order to find a particular piece of information.


For example, you are interested in food delivery business. You know nothing about this business and you are interested to start this business. Simply go to your favorite search engine and search “food delivery business” or some other relevant keywords, you will be amazed to find a lot helping material and information absolutely free.

Content Always Ruled

Over the time search engine has changed the ranking algorithms many times, however that quality content always dominated the SEO strategy. If you have quality content you will get an edge over other sites. Quality content not only feed the readers but give you a high ranking in search engine.

It is the first and most important part of successful search engine optimization strategy for SEO companies.

Social Media

It is that second most important part to rank and get the real traffic. Share your content at social media if it is useful and well-written it will become viral and people will love to share it further.  You can get tons of traffic by writing high quality useful content and sharing at social media.

Forums and Boards

Forums are types of websites where the like-minded groups of people join to discuss and share their interests. You can share well-written content into the relevant forums to get some good traffic.


Due to the importance to quality content, there is a high demand for freelance content writers. Companies are often looking for writers who can create epic content on different topics to drive the internet traffic to their business websites.

If you have skills to write or interested in freelance writing jobs we suggest you to visit the below websites to get the inspirations and build relevant skills


Should you build a mobile app or mobile website

Your company needs to go mobile, but how?

it is hard to choose and dive right into development. Should you
develop a mobile app or devote a resource to optimize your website to be viewed on mobile and other devices.


Mobile Browsers have far greater reach than mobile apps


mobile app or website

How are people going to interact with your on mobile?


mobile interaction infographics

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