Factors To Consider For Responsive Websites

Is your website facing poor loading issue? It’s time to think about responsive site. A responsive website works smoothly on all devices. A quick loading website appeals the prospects, whatever device they are using. What things to consider while creating a responsive website? Read the lines below to know!


Don’t Let Visitors Get Bored!


Users don’t want to see the boring things online. To grab their attention, you just have few seconds. The initial few seconds a visitor spends on a website should be utilized in the best favor of a business. Reduce the website loading time with the help of smooth coding and less use of flash. Let users access any part of your website without delay.


Make Interactive Websites


It’s not the load time that only matters for a responsive website, but the interaction visitors could have with the website. Pleasant user experience means more business, so this aspect should be considered in website building. The needed information should be accessed in no time. It doesn’t mean putting everything openly in front, but smooth navigation. Guide them the right path at your website, which will make them satisfied and happy.


Creating Popular Responses On A Website


Here are given some popular responses on a website that users want to see. Consider them in your venture of creating a responsive website.


Web pages should be interactive: Make the web pages interactive and guiding for the site visitors. Make good use of colors, images, and other indicators to guide them through different web pages. Visitors should know where they should go next.


Create custom pages: Create pages that are tailored for specific users. Let the visitor get to the page what he/she wants to see. It means targeting the individual needs of customers. Technology has enabled website designers and developers to come up at such tailored web pages for individual interests of the site visitors.


Hide the not-needed content: Hideaway the content that a user doesn’t notice or doesn’t interact with. The best example of such content is that of Windows start bar that automatically hides away. Users will surely appreciate because it will make the web page less messy. It’s another aspect of responsive website that users and search engines expect from website owners.


Creating a responsive website means appealing the prospects who use various devices to browse internet. Although, search engines also prefer responsive websites for ranking purpose, but the best advantage is such websites provide user satisfaction, which is a sure way to enjoy success.

If you own a website or planning to start your online business in Dubai, better to hire a responsive web designer Dubai to give your online presence a user-friendly image. Make it clear that the future is of responsive websites.

Creating A Successful Website Locally And Globally: Useful Tips For Starters!

Going global, the main theme of having online presence. However, localization is another aspect to grab the attention of more customers and to earn the best return on investment. In actual, it’s a two-stage process: hitting the globe and penetrating the local markets. It becomes easier for a website to localize effectively, once it’s designed perfectly while keeping internationalization in mind. To make the discussion easier, it will be divided into two stages: how to get ready for global entry and then what to consider for localization. There will also be tips to keep the both processes side by side. The lines below will surely clear the air, if you are confused about the topic.

Entering The Globe: The Baby Steps!

Here are given the basic things to be considered while designing for the globe (considering the later-on localization plans).

Designing For The Globe: Consistency Should Be There!

Though localization might be an integral part of your web strategy, but at first the design should be according to the global standards. Flexibility should be there for local content, but consistency should never be compromised while doing that. Keep the space for text expansion because it may happen when the text is translated into any local language.

Easy Web Page Translation: Keep The Images Content-Free!

Web content, if embedded inside images, can’t be translated using Google Translate. This could be a big hurdle in way of website localization. Photoshop or Illustrator can be used for image localization, but as more languages are added, this could become an expensive venture. Style sheets are a better option to place text above images.

Visual Blunders: Never Ignore The Culture!

While using visuals, don’t ignore the culture (the local aspect of a global website). The best strategy to avoid such visual blunders is saying NO to stock photos. Whether it’s about clothing, gestures, or postures, designers should have a sharp understanding of the cultural constraints.

Translation Friendly Text: No Humor!

Stay simple, stay direct, and avoid humor, if you want your web content to be translation friendly by anyone using that. All it means, you are ready to make your website international, while allowing the space for effective localization.

Global Gateway Strategy: Get Country Specific Domains!

Without an effective global gateway strategy, you can’t expect people to find your website locally. By getting country specific domains, you are going to welcome the global customers while directing them to the relevant local website, with the link given in the header.

Once you think you are ready to hit the globe, you can expect fewer blunders while planning for the localization.

Making A Website Perfectly Localized!

If you are thinking about the organic traffic coming from the local market, you should consider the following design and content tweaks to your website.

The Design Tweaks!

  • Put the contact details of your business on each page of the website. It could be in the header, footer, or in both places.
  • Use phone number (usually preferred), or a form as call to action on each web page. An email address could also be used for easy and quick contact.
  • Keep the complete navigation menu from left to right; avoid vertical placement. Also, use map where needed, but don’t make that occupying the entire page.
  • Focus local SEO related to keywords used in the content, but avoid over-optimizing the metadata.
  • Use subject in URL, title tag, and image alt text.
  • Avoid using heavy images.
  • Make your website responsive for smart devices or develop a separate mobile site to grab the smart market share.

The Content Tweaks!

  • Content of the website should be correctly written, easily readable, with right usage of keywords. Remember, you aren’t targeting machines or the search engines, but the actual customers, so write for them.
  • Show your grip in your particular niche and offer ‘food for thought’ to the visitors.
  • Clearly mention who you are and what you are dealing in.
  • Don’t forget to have your website blog and update that regularly.
  • Avoid plagiarism at all; otherwise, your website may get penalized by Google.

Bonus Tips!

  • User experience testing is integral to make your website stand out in a local market while enhancing the stickiness factor for the customers.
  • Get listings in local directories and local search engines, like Baidu is good to target China instead of Google.
  • Avoid rushing; spend time in research of the niche, competitors, keywords, culture, and language.
  • Make a smart start. If you have plans of expanding to many countries, start with few ones. Once, the success is determined, move ahead with other countries.
  • Instead of doing everything on your own, hire experts for better results.

It seems easy to start with a global strategy while having the localization plans as well, but it needs care at each step from designing a website, to launch, and to search engine optimization. A website designed with global aspects in mind can hit the local markets successfully if the above-mentioned points are given due consideration. It’s not just about a website, but a whole business, catering to the needs of the targeted customers within local boundaries, and across the globe. Make the wise decisions, put the right efforts, and get your website earning huge locally as well as globally.

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Why you need an online store -Infographics

Having an online store is about reaching more customers and making sales round the clock. In this busy life buyers prefer online stores to save the efforts and time visiting and searching for the products online.

All they do is to search the products they like online at the best convenient time and go to the store to purchase or order shipped to their home address.

By having online stores you are having sales round the clock. Bringing your business online is a very easy process and it is more effective with more business. Not only had you got an edge over your competitor, but a great reputation building system followed by the more customer base.

A picture worth thousand words, we have clipped the same scene in below info graphic.


With online Store you can:

Beat the Competition

Build your Brand and Trust round the world

Have more sales with online audiences

Make sales round the clock


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customer shopping online


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Top 10 Reasons Your Blog is not Getting Traffic with guaranteed Fixes.

If you eliminate these 10 epic reasons, you can easily multiply your website traffic. Guaranteed!

Here are top 10 Reasons Your Blog is not getting traffic with Fixes.

1-     You Choose the Topics No One Cares About

Not every content producer can write for the web. It is a great challenge to write useful and interesting content that can increase your readership and ultimately make more sales.

You must understand your audience, their needs, likes and dislikes. If you are covering a topic that no one else cares about, believe me! It is useless. You are just wasting your time and energy and filling up the web with useless information.


FIX: Write about the trending topics, here is how?


Google trends:

It is one of that best free tools to find out the hot and trending topics on the internet. Pick up the hot topics and start producing the epic content.




Buzzfeed is not only an entertainment website but it gives you an idea about hot topics.



Twitter not only helps you to find the worldwide trends but it is also a very helpful platform to search local trends.

Go to twitter -> Discover -> Trends



2-    Your Website Design Turns Off the Excitement


Does your website pass that 15 seconds test; you have only few seconds to impress your readers. If your website is poorly designed, no matter how useful content you have, user will abandon your website and move to the next available choice.


FIX: Have an eye-catching, Simple, User-friendly web design


Do not save bucks on website design. It is not an extra part of the business but a mandatory part to succeed online. Select an appealing, user-friendly and SEO-compatible web design to get your visitors to stay on the website longer and explore it further.



3-    You Do Nothing to Promote the Content


You’ve written the dream content for your blog, congrats!

It is a wrong strategy to sit back and wait for the search engine to discover your posts and open the traffic floodgates for you.


FIX: Promote your Content


The real game just has begun. Now hit the internet doors hard to share your content at related websites and social media like:

Twitter, Facebook, Google plus communities, LinkedIn groups, and other related social communities.

 4-    You have no social presence

Do you know you can sell more in your friends and people who know you better? Yes! That is because of trusted relation. When the user trusts you he is not reluctant to try any of your products. Having no or poor social existence could be a reason not to get traffic within your social community.


FIX: Make More Friends, Contribute Value Often

Make as much friends as you can, contribute useful and interesting material on your profile. This will not only attract more audience but help you to build a positive social and business relationship with masses.

Offer free gifts to your social followers and ask for reviews about your product or service. Once you have built a strong social existence you will start noticing growth in your business.


5-    You Do Not Use Images

You bore the readers with very long posts without adding headings or related images.

Images and titles add life your content. Your interesting long post is useless with no pictorial representation.

FIX: Use Impressive related Images

  Add impressive, high pixel and related images to your content to project your website.


6-    You Do not Have a Traffic Strategy

You have no paper plan, you have no traffic strategy, you are directionless, and you follow whatever comes to you.  You are overwhelmed with information and do not apply what you have in your pocket. You sit hours on internet to stock piles of information on your disk with no practice at all.


FIX: Traffic Strategy with Defined Milestones


There are tons of methods to generate traffic. All you need is to write down your favorite traffic strategy and start practicing it. Define milestones and make a check of yourself to increase productivity. Send yourself weekly activity report to see what actually worked for you.  Increase your efforts or change the strategy as per results.

 7-  You miss the keyword in title

You do not insert your keyword in title. Keyword in title is not only important for SEO but it is a great approach to represent the theme of your content.

FIX: Have your primary keyword in title

Have your main keyword in content title. Break down the content into small meaningful headings.

 8-    You go for a high competition keyword

You try to beat the big giants without hard work and wait for a miracle to happen. You write for the high competition keywords without applying tremendous efforts to beat the giant competitors.


FIX: Go for low-competition keywords


It is always easy to rank and get traffic on low-competition keywords. Your aim should be to get profitable easy traffic. Do not go for broad keywords or high-competition content. Try to find long-tail and low-competition search terms for easy ranking.

9-  You are not building list or collecting emails

You have no subscription form or collecting the emails to build your audience. Even you have small number of readers; you must have a subscription form to grab the email addresses.

FIX: Make your list as big as you can

Collect emails and grow your list as much as you can. Shoot emails to your list to share interesting and fresh content.

10-  You hired the wrong guys or doing it yourself

You or your teams have no expertise to generate traffic. Do not wait for a miracle, online income needs traffic strategy, expertise and consistent efforts to bring some useful results.

FIX: Hire the right guys

Do not go for cheapest option available, search for affordable and reliable SEO Company to grow your traffic. Hire the right person who can bring the real results to you.

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5 Solid Considerations Of Successful Ecommerce Web Design

Just like content is essential, the physical shape of a website also needs to be pleasant and balanced to create a good impression of your online business. This impression becomes even more critical when you are designing an ecommerce web design. According to a survey conducted on the behavior of online shoppers, it was concluded that web design plays a crucial role in determine whether a visitor will have a prolonged stay on a certain website or retreat away instantly.

To make visitors stay on your website and make a purchase, here are enlisted the 5 considerations you must abide by while designing a successful ecommerce website:

  1. Designing the Visuals

Visuals include the overall appearance of your website and how content, images and links are placed so that they give a visually pleasant look to your website. Content should be organized in such a way that it doesn’t give a boring look, similarly colors and images are applied to emphasize your company’s online image as being professional and reliable.

  1. Deciding the Site Navigation

The navigation and searching within your website should also be obvious and easily understood. For an ecommerce website, make sure that your product navigation links are the first thing your visitors see when they land on your site. Other than this, keep your navigation user-friendly by following the three-clicks rule in which every web page on your site can be reached in not more than three clicks.

  1. Simplify the Checkout Process

The checkout process begins when an interested buyer selects a product into their shopping cart and hits on the “Buy Now” button. At this point the buyer has to review their laced order, enter a few personal and payment details and confirm the bargain. Now, to facilitate this buying process, the trick is to keep the detail entering procedures simple and less complicated otherwise you’re in a danger of losing a very fine sale.

  1. Explanatory Product Descriptions

Customers are never going to buy a product with insufficient description, no matter how stunning they may appear on screen. The biggest drawbacks of online shopping is that you can’t feel or touch the product for a thorough examination, but by providing details showing the texture and complete specifications of the product can easily overcome this issue and incline the users towards buying.

  1. Provide Full Online Security

Many people fear online shopping mainly because of certain security threats like identity theft and stealing credit card details. These fears can be reduced to quite an extent if you make your ecommerce store secure and safe with SSL security certifications, secure payment procedures like PayPal and listing down a clear privacy policy.

These five wonderful tips will help you build a successful and workable ecommerce website that not just stays online but also sells for you!