Factors To Consider For Responsive Websites

Is your website facing poor loading issue? It’s time to think about responsive site. A responsive website works smoothly on all devices. A quick loading website appeals the prospects, whatever device they are using. What things to consider while creating a responsive website? Read the lines below to know!


Don’t Let Visitors Get Bored!


Users don’t want to see the boring things online. To grab their attention, you just have few seconds. The initial few seconds a visitor spends on a website should be utilized in the best favor of a business. Reduce the website loading time with the help of smooth coding and less use of flash. Let users access any part of your website without delay.


Make Interactive Websites


It’s not the load time that only matters for a responsive website, but the interaction visitors could have with the website. Pleasant user experience means more business, so this aspect should be considered in website building. The needed information should be accessed in no time. It doesn’t mean putting everything openly in front, but smooth navigation. Guide them the right path at your website, which will make them satisfied and happy.


Creating Popular Responses On A Website


Here are given some popular responses on a website that users want to see. Consider them in your venture of creating a responsive website.


Web pages should be interactive: Make the web pages interactive and guiding for the site visitors. Make good use of colors, images, and other indicators to guide them through different web pages. Visitors should know where they should go next.


Create custom pages: Create pages that are tailored for specific users. Let the visitor get to the page what he/she wants to see. It means targeting the individual needs of customers. Technology has enabled website designers and developers to come up at such tailored web pages for individual interests of the site visitors.


Hide the not-needed content: Hideaway the content that a user doesn’t notice or doesn’t interact with. The best example of such content is that of Windows start bar that automatically hides away. Users will surely appreciate because it will make the web page less messy. It’s another aspect of responsive website that users and search engines expect from website owners.


Creating a responsive website means appealing the prospects who use various devices to browse internet. Although, search engines also prefer responsive websites for ranking purpose, but the best advantage is such websites provide user satisfaction, which is a sure way to enjoy success.

If you own a website or planning to start your online business in Dubai, better to hire a responsive web designer Dubai to give your online presence a user-friendly image. Make it clear that the future is of responsive websites.


Google’s Penguin 3.1: A Reversal Of Penguin 3.0 Attack!

Thanksgiving brought happiness to many website owners. Another update by Google, Penguin 3.1 was released. Although, it was part of the Penguin 3.0 rollout, stated in October, still had a great impact on large number of websites. Compared to Penguin 3.0, this update isn’t a shockwave. It’s actually a reversal of the websites that got hit in the previous Penguin rollout.

Penguin 3.1 has helped many website owners trying to recover from the attack of Penguin 3.0, who have noticed an increase in website ranking, traffic, and sales as well. The discussions are going on at different forums about Penguin 3.1 recoveries. Here is given a screenshot of Google Analytics of an ecommerce website that have seen an increase in traffic after the rollout of Penguin 3.1 on November 27, 2014. The site was hit by Penguin 3.0 due to negative SEO. An increase in traffic after Penguin 3.1 shows clearly that the new update is about recovering the websites.


Many websites have seen a swift rise in ranking at Google’s ranking ladder after Penguin 3.1. The websites had experienced a drop in ranks on October 18, 2014 when Penguin 3.0 was released. Some have seen an auto recovery against certain keywords. Here is given an Analytics view of a website as on October 18, 2014.

analytics 2


On November 27, the website has auto recovered. The new Analytics view is given below!



Recoveries aren’t minor, but amazing. All this is confirming that the new update is Penguin 3.1. But, the story continues as the tremors are still felt even for the recovered websites. The best example is that of Acaiberries, an Italian domain. The website has seen a sharp drop in its keyword Dimagranti (means weight loss) after Penguin 3.0. Although it has come back in top 10 rankings, but the results aren’t consistent. Sometimes, it appears in top 10 and sometimes far down., a Google algo tracking tool, has observed a clear movement in SERP even on November 28, 2014, which means the tremors are still there to come.


Although, Google has declared that there will be no big updates during the holiday season, particularly Christmas, then what was that? The question is still there, would all the recoveries be permanent, or there will be some more jolts before the year ends.

Be Cautious SEO Folks!             

All the SEO professionals and online business owners should conduct a website health checkup for all the sites they are dealing with. A big NO for black hat SEO practices and the bad links. These both are unethical ways to improve website ranking and may lead to Penguin penalties. If you are hit by Penguin update, remove all the spammy links to recover the lost position at Google’s ranking ladder. SEO pros should strictly adhere to the Google webmaster guidelines and keep an eye on any little change in algo.

To stay safe from any Google attack and also to recover from Penguin penalties, web design company Dubai offers all ethical SEO services. Share your story and hire experts to take good care of your web presence.




Web Designing In 2015: 4 Trends That Need Attention!

“The most reliable way to forecast future is to try to understand the present.” (John Naisbitt)

It’s true for any kind of forecasting related to any field. For web designing, the change in trends depends on the changing technologies, introduction of new products, and changing user preferences. Not complying with the changing trends means a website is not going to help the business owner in earning the best ROI.

For ecommerce websites, the design is not just meant to present products, but to help customer care, facilitate effective marketing, support sales, and attract returning customers. To help the web designers and new e business owners, here are given some predictions about trends for 2015 related to ecommerce web designing. Read with interest!

  1. Flat Web Design: The Existing Trend Will Continue!

Although, it’s not a new trend, but after Google, Apple, and Microsoft’s approval, this will continue in 2015 as well. Particularly, ecommerce website owners will see its popularity in New Year. The main reasons behind the growing popularity of flat web designing include responsiveness, easy to develop and understand, and being eye-catching. The bounce rate of flat designs is lower, compared to other design styles. The finest approach of “less is more” will rule in 2015. Slight gradients make the call to action buttons standing apart and delivering the clear message.

  1. Micro UX Effects: To Create Lasting Impact!

These little fun design elements might be overseen now, but will help e business owners in winning the customers in 2015. Enhancing the user experience with little animation means improving the click through rates. Displaying larger product images with details in hovering effect saves the space at the website. It helps keeping the visitors engaged at a site while enhancing the ecommerce website’s repute.

  1. Images In Navigation: Making It Captivating!

Tiled navigation is becoming popular in building e store. The preview in tiles form looks more captivating than the traditional top navi bar. Site visitors won’t feel like lost in finding their desired content if it’s presented in tiles. It’s also true that images fascinate more than the text boxes in the navi-menu. The click through rate of product images is also higher than that of text. Tiled navigation also reflects the image of a real brick and mortar store so keeps the visitors engaged and helps in high conversion rate.

  1. Designing For All Screen Sizes

Gone are the times when a single website had different pages for different devices. In 2015, an ecommerce website should have to work properly on all devices to win over the customers. It’s a challenge for web designers because they will have to consider different screen resolutions, different browsers, and different internet speeds. The main purpose of all such efforts is to make the site experience pleasant for the visitors and increasing the numbers of visitors accessing the website from different devices without any hurdle. A responsive web designing for different devices will remove the chances to click any unwanted tab by the site visitors, which otherwise may create frustration leading to high bounce rate.

Web designers will have to pay attention to these 4 trends in 2015. The main goal is to create websites for pleasant user experience, keeping them engaged, and helping the businesses in earning big bucks. A pleasant web design, complying with the latest web designing standards can do the magic even for newbie business owners.

new web design trends 2015


Content Always Ruled the SEO

Content marketing

A lot of newbie have a question about SEO and article marketing.

This article will help you to answer these questions and give you a direction to make money as a freelance content writer.


Now come to the first part, what is SEO?


SEO is a short abbreviation for “search engine optimization”. SEO covers all the tasks you do on your website to represent it to the search engine in order to get the organic and search traffic.


What are these SEO tasks?


There are many but we will discuss the necessary things require to write SEO friendly content.  As a freelance content writer you must understand the importance of a keyword. Keywords are the words searched by internet users in order to find a particular piece of information.


For example, you are interested in food delivery business. You know nothing about this business and you are interested to start this business. Simply go to your favorite search engine and search “food delivery business” or some other relevant keywords, you will be amazed to find a lot helping material and information absolutely free.

Content Always Ruled

Over the time search engine has changed the ranking algorithms many times, however that quality content always dominated the SEO strategy. If you have quality content you will get an edge over other sites. Quality content not only feed the readers but give you a high ranking in search engine.

It is the first and most important part of successful search engine optimization strategy for SEO companies.

Social Media

It is that second most important part to rank and get the real traffic. Share your content at social media if it is useful and well-written it will become viral and people will love to share it further.  You can get tons of traffic by writing high quality useful content and sharing at social media.

Forums and Boards

Forums are types of websites where the like-minded groups of people join to discuss and share their interests. You can share well-written content into the relevant forums to get some good traffic.


Due to the importance to quality content, there is a high demand for freelance content writers. Companies are often looking for writers who can create epic content on different topics to drive the internet traffic to their business websites.

If you have skills to write or interested in freelance writing jobs we suggest you to visit the below websites to get the inspirations and build relevant skills


Website Design – The Right Way To Play With Colors

Just like images and content is imperative for your website, so are the colors. Colors can make anything appear visually great. Why do you think we like good sceneries, or a fine painting, or the outside after it has been rained? Simply because we love watching their colors and the way the colors have been arranged by nature or the painter.

Similarly, being a web designer or should we say website design artist, playing with colors is one essential tactic you must learn. Selecting website colors is no doubt an art, and if you master this, you’ve consumed the power to manipulate your visitor’s emotions. Colors are the best way to evoke emotions and if you know which colors evoke which emotion, you’ll be able to grab your visitor’s interest much better.

There are basically three broad groups in which the colors are categorized namely 1) warm 2) cool and 3) neutral. Based upon these groups, here are some colors and their impact on website visitors:

Warm Colors

Reds: An exciting color used to show something happening on a website. This special color can be expressed in one word which would be “attention-getter”. It’s usually used to represent forceful emotions like anger, lust, enthusiasm and more.

Yellows: In general yellow would represent weakness and fear, but when used on websites this color can create a feeling like spring is in the air. If you want to depict warmth and cheerfulness through your website, go for tints of yellow.

Orange: Symbolizing fall harvesting and Halloween, this color has the power to trigger a person’s appetite. If your website is related to some restaurant or food place, you’d definitely want to use this one.

Pink: Pink colors give softness and an overall feminine touch to whatever you’re designing. It also arouses baby-ish and innocent feelings. Romance of course is another expressive aspect associated with the color pink.

Cool Colors

Blue: A very relaxing and encouraging color, when used gives a sense of intelligence and reliance. Blue color is the safest of the colors used in web designing.

Green: Green color represents money, and therefore it’s more commonly linked with the sentiments like jealousy and greediness. Apart from this, green is a good way to represent all that’s natural and fresh.

Purple: Purple stands for creativity and originality. The darker shades of purple depicted royalty previously and the lighter ones related with romance.

Neutral Colors

White: Whether you know its meaning or not, this color instantly gives a feeling of pureness and peace. No wonder why the word “peace” is associated with a “white” dove. In the eastern tradition this color stands for death while western culture takes it as a color of marriage and hope.

Gray: All the shades of Gray radiate trustworthiness and traditionalism. It’s usually a business-specific color that displays a serious tone.

Brown: Typically represents something very earthy and homely. It’s certainly a good color choice for websites with a homely theme.

Black: We usually associate this color with negativism and darkness, but for websites this color stands out of the crowd and displays grace, vigor and stylishness.

Additional Tip for Designers:

Web designers usually opt for color combinations and while website designing. These color combinations may be done by playing with different shades of one color, or by amalgamating two or more contrasting colors together. In such a case, it’s important for them to be careful because some color contrasts and combinations are simply hurting to the visitor’s eyes, while some may simply make it hard for the visitor to focus on the website’s main essence and content.

Therefore, choosing your color scheme is equally essential as choosing your website’s content or images. Play with colors, but learn to play them well…

Colors have many effects on people. Certain colors can invoke specific emotions in people. Emotional reactions can affect the image of your company in the visitors mind and can have a major effect or your company’s “brand”.

If you doubt color evokes emotion, consider the phrases, “green eyed monster” “seeing red” or “in a black mood”. The green-eyed monster is a reference to jealousy, seeing red means a person is angry and a black mood refers to depression. People do associate colors with specific moods. Scientific texts have proven that different colors can make people happy, sad, relaxed, excited, angry or afraid.

Anything that can evoke those responses in people needs to be looked at carefully when designing your website. Colors tend to be classified as “neutral, “warm” or “cool”. So, let’s take a look at some of them.