Content Always Ruled the SEO

Content marketing

A lot of newbie have a question about SEO and article marketing.

This article will help you to answer these questions and give you a direction to make money as a freelance content writer.


Now come to the first part, what is SEO?


SEO is a short abbreviation for “search engine optimization”. SEO covers all the tasks you do on your website to represent it to the search engine in order to get the organic and search traffic.


What are these SEO tasks?


There are many but we will discuss the necessary things require to write SEO friendly content.  As a freelance content writer you must understand the importance of a keyword. Keywords are the words searched by internet users in order to find a particular piece of information.


For example, you are interested in food delivery business. You know nothing about this business and you are interested to start this business. Simply go to your favorite search engine and search “food delivery business” or some other relevant keywords, you will be amazed to find a lot helping material and information absolutely free.

Content Always Ruled

Over the time search engine has changed the ranking algorithms many times, however that quality content always dominated the SEO strategy. If you have quality content you will get an edge over other sites. Quality content not only feed the readers but give you a high ranking in search engine.

It is the first and most important part of successful search engine optimization strategy for SEO companies.

Social Media

It is that second most important part to rank and get the real traffic. Share your content at social media if it is useful and well-written it will become viral and people will love to share it further.  You can get tons of traffic by writing high quality useful content and sharing at social media.

Forums and Boards

Forums are types of websites where the like-minded groups of people join to discuss and share their interests. You can share well-written content into the relevant forums to get some good traffic.


Due to the importance to quality content, there is a high demand for freelance content writers. Companies are often looking for writers who can create epic content on different topics to drive the internet traffic to their business websites.

If you have skills to write or interested in freelance writing jobs we suggest you to visit the below websites to get the inspirations and build relevant skills