6 Important Tips for a Professional Website

Here 6 website design tips that will make your life easier :)

1- Multiple Browser Compatibility

Your website should be compatible in all web browsers. Consider the audience using multiple browsers, a poor designed website breaks in different browsers which leaves a very bad impression on the visitor.
A professional or business website must adapt the pixel and layout of different browsers.

2 – Consider Responsive Design

A responsive design is a single website design coded to adjust itself on different screens. You will notice a significant increase in the business by having a mobile or responsive design.
More than 20% of the searches are being performed on a mobile device.

3- Easy Navigation

Keep in mind that your website got only few seconds to reply the visitor needs; if user finds it irrelevant user will hit the quit or back button.

Navigation scheme of a website is very important. Your website must be very easy and descriptive. Your audience visits the website for a specific purpose so it is necessary to design a website with clear
Idea and theme, it will help the visitor to navigate easily. Your website must be simple, descriptive with the right colors and images combination.

4- Call to Action

“Request a Quote,” “Buy Now,” and “Work With Us” are some common examples of call to action.
You must have Call to action button placed properly to turn a visitor into a customer. The signup or ordering must be very easy process; visitors don’t like the complex sign ups and ordering system.

5- Incorporate Social Media

Build the trust by incorporating social media into your website. Your website must be designed for real human beings and should have a trust factor. Integration of social media is a very simple yet powerful step to build the user trust.

6- No More Flash Website

Keep your website updated with the technology. Don’t go for a flash website that has very low or poor ranking in search engine. Search engine doesn’t understand the flash or out dated websites. Always adapt that latest and stable technology.